Bridged asset points (”Blast Points”)

Since November 20th, EOAs that have bridged ETH/USD to the Blast launch bridge have earned points proportional to their balance over time.

Now that Blast Mainnet is live, these bridging incentives will continue, but they’re complicated by the fact that mainnet means that ETH/USD can be transferred and withdrawn.

When ETH/USD is transferred to a smart contract, that smart contract will also earn points proportional to the ETH/USD balance over time. Since users stop earning bridged asset points when they deposit funds into a smart contract, there is a slight disincentive for that user to use that smart contract.

In order to remove that disincentive, smart contracts should redirect those bridged asset points (Blast Points) back to their users according to their own internal metrics. This will automatically update the user’s points dashboard.

Developer points (”Blast Gold”)

Since Mainnet went live, developer points have been manually distributed to smart contracts over time. Big Bang winners received the initial batch of developer points.

The vast majority of developer points have been reserved for Mainnet dApps, regardless of their participation in the Big Bang competition. These points will be distributed on a bi-weekly basis based on objective and subjective factors such as the dApp’s traction, TVL, how well the dApp takes advantage of Blast-native features, the dApp’s incentive design, product design, alignment with Blast overall, etc.

The goal of the developer points is to provide incentive firepower for dApps to fuel growth to create long-term value. As such, we expect dApps to distribute 100% (or close to 100%) of any developer points they receive to users, and we are biased towards dApps that are committed to this.

Dapps that receive developer points can redirect them back to their users according to their own internal metrics using the Points API. This will automatically update the user’s points dashboard.

Smart Contract Operator

An operator is an EOA (externally owned account) whose private key is accessible to an internet-connected server.

Sending Blast Points (Points accumulated due to ETH/USD balance over time) and Blast Gold (Developer Points) accumulated by the contract to the users requires making an API call.

API calls must be authenticated using a bearer token which can be obtained by signing a message using the operator private key.

Smart Contract Operator across multiple contracts

Some dApps require interacting with multiple contracts.

For instance, your dApp might use hundreds of different liquidity pools or deploy a smart contract for each user.

It’s important that you configure the same operator address across all of your dApp’s contracts to ensure that your dApp can be accurately tracked.

Failure to use a consistent operator address across can result in the Blast website showing inaccurate stats for your dApp.