Smart contracts and EOAs earn points based on their TVL.

Since users stop earning bridged asset points (Blast Points) when they deposit funds into a smart contract, there is a slight disincentive for that user to use that smart contract.

In order to remove that disincentive, smart contracts can redirect those bridged asset points (Blast Points) back to their users according to their own internal metrics. This will automatically update the user’s points dashboard.

Smart contracts are also be able to earn developer points (Blast Gold) which are distributed manually.

We are providing an API that allows smart contracts to distribute Blast Points and Blast Gold to end users as an added incentive to use their dapps.

Blast Points and Blast Gold are meant to be used as incentives for dapp growth. Attempts, deliberate or not, to create liquid proxies to Blast Points and Blast Gold (i.e an ERC20 backed by Blast Points) will result in rewards being zero’d out.